Follow your favorite taxa!

Living Bibliography aggregates scientific articles from a taxon.

trending this week Navicula archeriana, Drosophila melanogaster, Strongylocentrotus purpuratus

What it is

Living Bibliography allows you to browse scientific articles by taxa. Follow a taxon (or many) to get a stream of articles updates or simply subscribe to its RSS feed. Articles can be bookmarked or exported to your reference manager.

References are fetched on demand from Mendeley database (via API) and taxon search is powered by uBio (via NameBank web services).

A prototype of this app was initially deployed during the Hack4Knowledge meeting. Code is open source, feel free to join or report issues.

Step by step

  1. Search for a scientific or common name.
  2. Click on your taxon of choice.
  3. Maybe wait a bit until we fetch the data.
  4. Browse through references.
  5. Follow taxa and bookmark articles.


  • Expect duplicated references, badly formatted titles, misnamed authors, wrong journal information, etc. Data is straightly fetched from Mendeley and we are not checking the accuracy of information, yet.


  • Data visualization with graphs and charts (popular organisms, trending taxa, active authors by taxa, etc).
  • Integration with other biological databases (pull data to enrich content, provide external links, etc).
  • Fetch articles from different sources.